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assisted living facility Quality Assurance Consulting, LLC, offers consulting services for management of Assisted Living Facilities, Alzheimer's Units, Residential Care Facilities, and Adult Family Homes.

We can help guarantee compliance with State Regulations. In preparation for State Inspections, we can: provide mock surveys, including evaluation of policies and procedures; menu planning; incident assessment; environmental safety; resident rights; medication delivery; and more.

We offer the following Washington State DSHS ALTSA approved Long-Term Care Worker Training; including Core Competencies, and Population Specific Training (but not Orientation and Safety Training, at this time). We also offer Nurse Delegation, Nurse Delegation - Diabetes, CPR, and First Aid Training (which are NOT part of "Basic Training"; which is both CBT & PST). We can help to see that a LTC Worker has the CORRECT DSHS required Training. We see more than a few cases where LTC Workers receive incorrect, or non-DSHS approved Training, thereby causing numerous negative individual and/or facility issues.

Professional consultation is important in ensuring compliance with new and existing regulations.  If licensing or relicensing inspections, compliance investigation, plan of corrections, or informal hearings are concerns, professional consultation is invaluable. All client information is, of course, strictly confidential.

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